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The vineyards

Cérons, an exceptional terroir in the heart of Graves.

The estate consists of 30 hectares, with 27 hectares of vineyards planted on a gravel plateau and a subsoil of marine limestone overlooking the village of Cérons.

This fabulous terroir is marked by two specificities:

  • A subsoil of Astyrian limestone plates covered with alluvial gravel.
  • A microclimate that allows, in autumn, under the influence of the Ciron, the development of Botrytis Cinerea.

These exceptional conditions impart to the wines of Château de Cérons a beautiful minerality and great aromatic precision.

For white wines, the vineyard consists of 95% Sémillon and 5% Muscadelle for Cérons wines. For dry white Graves, it’s 50% Sémillon, 40% Sauvignon, and 10% Sauvignon Gris. For red Graves, it’s 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Merlot.

The planting densities are 6500 vines per hectare.

Vineyard Management

The entire vineyard will be certified organic from the 2024 vintage.

Xavier Perromat follows meticulous parcel-based work to reveal all the finesse and quality of the specific terroir of Cérons.

The technical teams are committed to an agro-environmental approach through an SME (Environmental Management System). A long-term reflection, carried out daily with our collaborators and Julien Belle, Consulting Oenologist of the Oenoteam firm.

The property has been certified HVE3 (High Environmental Value) and ISO 14001 in July 2019. A significant first step towards the goal of reducing the property’s environmental impact, inputs in viticulture, water consumption, carbon footprint, and energy consumption year after year.

The vineyard is maintained through work that respects the natural balance of the soil. Plant covers (wheat, barley, flax, phacelia, clover, etc.) are selected each year by plot to preserve the microflora and fauna of the soil and to provide measured and quality organic matter in the vines.

It is all a matter of human responsibility and must be addressed by the winemaker who assumes their responsibility.

The Cellar

One of the very first gravity-fed cellars in Bordeaux, crafted with precision.

Significant restoration work on the cellars, combining technical expertise with respect for the authenticity of the architecture, has been undertaken:

  • The gravity-fed cellar built in 1960 has been completely restored and equipped with concrete tanks for red wine fermentation and small stainless steel tanks for white wines.
  • The aging cellar has been relocated to the former sheepfold of the Château.

Red wines are vinified using Bioprotection to preserve the aromatic qualities and finesse of the tannins.

White wines are primarily aged in stainless steel tanks to maintain the harmony and balance of Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sauvignon Gris on limestone, the signature of the great white wines from the Left Bank of Bordeaux.

The precious sweet wines of Cérons are patiently aged, awaiting the development of Botrytis. This involves successive passes through the plots, the selection of noble grapes, slow nocturnal presses, and aging in the grand cellar that has remained unchanged for 300 years, dating back to the construction of the house.

A wine of passion, a wine of patience.

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