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The Chartreuse

A viticultural Chartreuse of rare beauty
listed on the supplementary list of historical monuments.

The Château de Cérons is a viticultural Chartreuse built in the late 17th century, listed on the supplementary list of historical monuments since 2008. A House of Light, built around the project of hosting quality guests and producing exceptional wines.

This family property has preserved magnificent and rare exterior and interior decorations skillfully composed of floral and fruit motifs, Acanthus leaves, and shells.

In the heart of the village of Cérons in the Graves and Sauternes region, surrounded by large stone walls, the Château de Cérons faces the charming 12th-century church, bordered by the Garonne River. A remarkable architectural ensemble whose history, suspended in time, recalls the glorious hours when wines were loaded onto Gabarres at the foot of the Castle to be shipped to the Chartrons docks in the warehouses of Bordeaux merchants, and then to more distant lands.

It was occupied throughout the 18th century by the illustrious family of the Marquis de Calvimont, who turned it into a vacation residence and a renowned viticultural property whose wine quality was ranked among the very best in the region.

The People

Various families have succeeded each other at the helm of the property until today, including the family of architect Roger Henry Expert, who enjoyed staying there. Grand Prix de Rome in 1912, among his major achievements, we can mention the renovations of the Normandie Ocean Liner (1932-1935), the Trocadéro Fountains in Paris (1936-1937), and five villas in Arcachon and Pyla (1924 and 1927).

Roger Expert oversees the restoration of the Château. He passed away in Cérons on April 13, 1955. Xavier’s parents, Suzanne and Jean Perromat, acquired Château de Cérons in 1958.

Both come from a long line of winemakers and doctors, settled in the Graves and Entre-deux-Mers region for nine generations. Suzanne Perromat was fascinated by the beauty of the place, and Jean Perromat by the quality of the terroir. These two enthusiasts took over the management of the property with zeal and passion.

They were among those who helped shine the lights of Bordeaux from the 1960s onwards. In 1980, Xavier joined the family group and took charge of the technical management of the vineyard.

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