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An expressive nose with notes of flowers and apricot, with aeration, rose petals and lily of the valley. In the mouth, the wine is balanced, smooth and velvety. It offers aromas of citrus fruit, yellow lemon peel and pink grapefruit.

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The 2020 vintage is particularly marked by a warm climate. The winter is mild, with little rainfall, accompanied by unusually warm temperatures. The budburst is early. The spring, warm and damp, favors an active growth. By contrast, the summer is dry and very hot, slowing down the maturation of the grapes. Fortunately, we receive a series of small stormy rains from mid-August onwards which boosts the ripening of the grapes.

At harvest time, the berries are beautiful, very healthy and have a remarkable organoleptic quality. The wines are rich, aromatic and precise. The vintage is generous and intense.
A tasty and voluptuous wine.

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A nose of citrus fruits and white flowers. A refreshing mouth, grapefruit, lemon and white flowers flavours, a nice texture in the mid-palate and a subtle salty finish.

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The 2018 vintage was a real test of patience.
The first 6 months of the year were dominated by incessant rainfall and mild temperatures. The weather then changed radically on the 15 th of July, marking the start of a hot summer with periods of drought. The harvest period stretched from late August to late October, with the grapes reaching excellent levels of maturity. This exceptionally long and rain-free harvest period allowed us to fine-tune our picking operations. In the cellar the juices proved to be very consistent, with a beautiful colour. This was an unusual year with extreme conditions, but in the end it turned out to be an excellent vintage.

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2017, a year that blew hot and cold…

Everything started out well. Bud break was even and took place three weeks earlier than usual –harbinger of a good vintage in Bordeaux.

However, two nights with frost did damage throughout the region, and our estate was not spared.

Fortunately, the plots located closest to the château, and thus not far from the Garonne, were hardly affected.

The harvest began on the 8th of September after a very dry, sunny, and hot month of August.

This fine weather is reflected in the quality of the wine, as is the expertise of our winemaking team.

The white wines are delicious, with a great deal of freshness and minerality.

The reds have a deep colour, lovely aromatics, excellent fruit, and attractive freshness. The wines are smooth, round, and balanced on the palate.

Due to challenging weather conditions, the 2017 vintage was low in volume. However, the care taken in the vineyard and cellar were rewarded by promising wines.

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A delicate bouquet of white flowers, citrus, and peach. Good balance on the palate with freshness and some nutty notes.

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La Quille 2015 has all the freshness of Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris, as well as the concentration and velvety texture of Sémillon. The wine features hints of lemon, grapefruit, peach, and white flowers, as well as minerality typical of the estate’s gravel soil overlaying limestone.

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La Quille 2014 is a wine with a great aromatic purity, lovely and fresh attack with citrus and grapefruit notes, a mid-palate based on white flowers freshness, a wine signed by its Terroir of Graves composed of very dense limestone plates.

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Great freshness for this vintage signed by purity and precision. Delicate citrus aromas on the nose. Great freshness in the mouth brought by Semillon, a favourite grape variety for the limestone soils that characterize the property’s geology. Beautiful minerality with grapefruit and white peach notes. A surprising success of softness and charm.

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La Quille 2012 offers an aromatic range of fresh and accurate notes, citrus aromas, grapefruit and white flowers. A wine signed by the minerality which characterizes this terroir of Bordeaux great white wines.

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