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Unpredictable and unprecedented weather! An exceptionally short, mild and rainy winter. The heat suddenly set in at the end of May and brought us into the summer period. The summer was hot and dry. Stormy rains at the beginning of August allowed the grapes to ripen in ideal conditions, with alternating hot, sunny days and cool nights. The weather became capricious at the end of September, hastening the harvest of the botrytised grapes. Yields were low, but these 2019s were surprisingly concentrated.

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2018 vintage was a real test of patience. The first 6 months of the year were dominated by incessant rainfall and mild temperatures. The weather then changed radically on the 15th of July, marking the start of a hot summer with periods of drought. The harvest period stretched from late August to late October, with the grapes reaching excellent levels of maturity. This exceptionally long and rain-free harvest period allowed us to fine-tune our picking operations. In the cellar the juices proved to be very consistent, with a beautiful colour. This was an unusual year with extreme conditions, but in the end, it turned out to be an excellent vintage.

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Bright yellow with green hue. Elegant nose with restrained fruit, apricots, peaches and lemon zest, candied orange peel in the background, as well as hints of vanilla. On the palate well structured, wonderful tension, very good length.


2016 will remain in our memories for the exceptional conditions that gave birth to it: floods in winter, drought in summer, beautiful late season.

These extreme and unprecedented conditions have made us lose our bearings, something never seen before in the memory of a winegrower. The harvest is carried out in the greatest serenity, the botrytised grapes are magnificent.

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Sweet and flavorful with botrytis spice and mushroom powder. Medium body. Flavorful finish. Shows potential.

James Suckling90-91/100

Lots of throb and interest here. Lighter and more fragile than any typical Sauternes. Medium sweet rather than really intense. But full marks for effort and history.

Jancis Robinson16/20

Robe paille dorée. Le vin est souple et charmant, joli milieu de bouche moelleux, finale de foin coupé. 0-10 ans

LE FIGARO / Bernard Burtshy15,5/20

Unseen before, a vintage saved by the rain! The heavy winter rains created sufficient reserves to prevent the vines from suffering too much during a very hot summer.
In September, regular rainfall alternated harmoniously with beautiful sunshine. The ideal harvest dates were not difficult to choose! The botrytisation of the Sémillon and Muscadelle grapes took place step by step, producing grapes with a beautiful aromatic intensity.

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Fruit très agréable, demi- liqueur, beaucoup de charme et de naturel, vin parfait à l’apéritif.

Michel Bettane14,5-15/20 (89-90/100)

Ananas, poire, beau fruit. Épices blanches. Bouche ronde, beau rôti, rond, souple et très fruité. Un Cérons sur le fruit.

Yohann Castaing15/20

Intense yellow colour with almost golden hue. Initially quite closed is the nose opening up quite well, displaying an elegant character with fine botrytis spiciness and expressive fruit. Tangerine, orange marmalade, candied lemon-peel and hints of dried.

Markus Del Monego93/100

The harvest was early and lasted 9 weeks. They enable to capture all the complexity of a vintage with the flowering and veraison spread over time. A vintage marked by a great acidity and a rare and precious freshness.

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Fruits exotiques, orange, citronelle ; bouche équilibrée, finale appétente.

Antoon LAURENT90/100

September was marvellous, with temperatures approaching heatwave levels on some days, resulting in grapes of exceptional quality. The noble rot and dry weather combined to yield magnificent concentrations of botrytis. The fruit is punchy yet well-balanced with a remarkable concentration of aromas. A great vintage of undeniable quality.

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The early and hot spring followed by a summer marked by coolness, caused a spreading out of the flowering and a very uneven ripening of the grapes.

Fine weather conditions during the months of September and October allowed remarkable Botrytis development.
A record number of selections during the harvest marked the wines of great complexity.
The 2010 vintage is a wine with a zesty nose on citrus peels. Iced and fresh mouth with lemon sorbet flavours

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Bright gold. Floral nose of lightly concentrated honey over ripe yellow summer fruits, lovely lemony-honeyed flavors on the palate, richness and sweetness evident with acidity to lift the finish and natural energy to give a beautifully vibrant expression of a classic Bordeaux sweet white.


The warm, early spring was followed by a cool summer. This meant that flowering was spread out and ripening uneven. Very fine weather conditions in September and October led to the superb development of botrytis. A record number of passes in the vineyard accounts for wines of great complexity.

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Robe jaune paille, reflet doré intense, limpide et brillante, nez ouvert sur des notes de vanille, de chocolat blanc, d’abricots secs, attaque acidulée, gourmande, très bel équilibre, puissant corsé, note de zeste de d’orange, très joli, finale ronde et charnue de la tension, le sucre est bien fondu, pointe d’acidité volatile corrigée qui participe au caractère, belle allonge sapide et gourmande, encore du potentiel.


The marine limestone subsoil of Cérons gives this wine a nice acidity that perfectly balances concentration. The wine is tense, ethereal, with fine and elegant aromas of acacia, honey and passion fruit. Good concentration and lots of energy.

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Un liquoreux plus léger en sucre que les Sauternes et Barsac voisins, mais aussi capiteux. Une fluidité aussi insaisissable qu’une silhouette poursuivie en rêve, une caresse au palais, fuyante comme à regret.

Œnoteam - Daniel J. BERGER

The warm, early spring was followed by a cool summer. This meant that flowering was protracted and ripening uneven. Very fine weather conditions in September and October led to the superb development of botrytis.  A record number of passes in the vineyard accounts for wines of great complexity.

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Le millésime 2007 est la star, combinant le meilleur de 2008 et de 2011. Il sera parfait à son 20ème anniversaire.


C’est le millésime actuellement sur le marché puisque les Perromat élèvent leurs liquoreux 3 à 5 ans après la récolte. Mais même avec ce long vieillissement, la minéralité transparait, et si vous êtes habitué à boire du Sauternes, attendez-vous à une prise plus aérienne, plus légère, extrait du Sémillon richement botrytisée. De mon point de vu, il y a une touche de Tokaj avec de l’orange confite et du safran, qui personnifie l’idée de « l’amertume noble », avec un citron subtile et une touche de citron vert sur la fin qui rafraichit l’ensemble.


Des notes de fruits comme l’ananas ou la mangue, une pointe d’orange confite agrémentée d’épices. Le vin est intense et complexe et peut encore se garder de longues années en cave.

The Huffington Post - Fabrizio BRUCELLA

After a cold winter and a heatwave in July, the month of August was very cold and September was wet, which complicated matters somewhat. It took considerable knowledge of the vineyard and careful picking plot by plot in order to harvest the botrytised grapes between showers. Five passes in the vineyards account for this wines beautifully concentrated flavours and aromas.

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Un vin liquoreux qui fait la part belle aux agrumes (citron, orange fraiche et confite). Un vin de plaisir à partager sans attendre.

The Huffington Post - Fabrizio BRUCELLA